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Supporting people with various conditions affecting the foot and lower limb.


About the service

About the service

Podiatrists can be thought of as a type of foot doctor. We can give you advice on how to look after your feet and what type of shoes to wear. We can also treat and alleviate many foot problems, ranging from ingrown toenails and plantar fasciitis to diabetic foot ulcers.

Our aim is to improve your foot health and foot function, and to ease pain for patients who are at risk of developing limb-threatening conditions (such as ulceration and amputation). We provide tailored treatment plans, education and empowerment, to support your wellbeing and improve your quality of life. 

Nail Surgery

Any individual suffering with problematic toenails can have the option of permanent removal or treatment of ingrown toenails. This treatment involves removal of the nail and nail bed, which prevents nail regrowth, carried out under a local anaesthetic

We will carry out an initial consultation before any procedure to ensure the treatment is suitable for you.



Podiatry at Home

In some cases we are able to visit patients at home; we are only able to see those who are truly house bound and are not able to attend hospital or clinic.

Nail cutting

The nail cutting service is only available to patients if there is a medical and podiatric risk. Routine nail cutting is not undertaken. If your GP feels you fit our criteria, you could be referred to our department for assessment/advice on nail care.

Musculoskeletal Conditions

Our podiatrists can also support with stretching advice and orthotics to help and relieve pain, and reduced function in feet. Orthotics are tailor-made insoles, padding and arch supports to relieve arch or heel pain, improve foot function and improve mobility. You can put the orthotic device into your shoe to re-align your foot, take pressure off vulnerable areas of your foot, and making walking more comfortable.

Our specialist podiatrists work alongside the rheumatology and musculoskeletal team, providing education and treatment for complex musculoskeletal problems.

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Who is this service for?

People with various conditions affecting the foot and lower limb. We treat people classed as at high risk or at risk; an 'at risk' foot is a foot at risk of developing open wounds (ulcers), infections and even, in severe cases, amputation.

If you are a healthcare professional and need to refer a patient to the Podiatry service, please complete the updated Jan 2020 referral form.




Cancelled / missed appointments

If you cannot make your appointment, we require a minimum of 24 hours' notice to reschedule your appointment. Please contact us on 01275 885070. You may be discharged if you miss any appointments without letting us know, or if you cancel appointments more than once. A discharge letter will be sent to your GP who can re-refer you if they feel this is appropriate.

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Contact us

NSCP, PO Box 237 Castlewood, Tickenham Road Clevedon North Somerset BS21 6FW

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