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Broadoak students win Sharp Shotz 2016

Broadoak students win Sharp Shotz 2016

Supporting young people in North Somerset is important to us at NSCP, that’s why each year we team up with Sharp Shotz to create opportunities. Each year Ideal, the company behind Sharp Shotz, launches a competition in collaboration with the BBC and University West of England students.

It aims to:

  • Enable young people to reach their full potential
  • Breakdown the barriers to learning and work opportunities that prevent young people from succeeding
  • Provide young people with opportunities to work on projects that target problems faced by young people today
  • Establish projects which are innovative and rewarding to work on, building self-confidence and the will to succeed.

This week we’re pleased to tell you that Broadoak Mathematics and Computing College in Weston-super-Mare and their team of three, year 8 female students won the competition with their film, tackling exam stress.

In the planning stages, having had family members struggle through the important exam period, the topic stood out above the others. They were also conscious of the new examination requirements of 100% final exam and the proximity of their exams.

The ChildLine National Exam Stress Survey revealed that 96% of the 1300 who completed the survey felt anxious about exams and revision, with 59% feeling pressure from their parents to do well and 64% saying they have never received any support in dealing with exams.

Not having techniques to deal with these stresses means that young people turn to drink, drugs and self-harm as negative ways of coping with examinations.  The film, “Don’t stress, It’s Pointless” aims to firstly offer support to those who are struggling with the stress and anxiety related to examinations and also to start discussions based around the inclusion of strategies to the National Curriculum.

The film follows the story of one female student who, at hearing of an upcoming examination, struggles with her anxiety which results in a panic attack.  A real life interview with a NHS school nurse provides strategies and relief for the young person.  You can view it here.

Nick Bentley from Ideal said: "Once again winning teams of young students in year 8 from Bristol's Fairfield High School and Weston-super-Mare's Broadoak College have wowed the audience at the annual Sharp Shotz showcase at the Watershed in Bristol.

"For the first time this year in addition to the amazing two winning films, the students launched dual campaigns and made an emotional call to action to promote their chosen issues.

"It was so good to see Delyth Lloyd-Evans, Chief Executive from our partners and sponsors North Somerset Community Partnership interacting with the young people in a Q&A session part of the new format which worked so well."

Well done to all involved!

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