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Clevedon MIU celebrates teddy bear milestone donation

Clevedon MIU celebrates teddy bear milestone donation

For many parents, when a child is sick or injured ensuring they get the best possible care to put them on the road to recovery is essential.

That’s why at Clevedon Minor Injury Unit (MIU) we work hard to make the experience as easy as possible. We know hospitals are daunting places for children so we hand out teddy bears to injured children who arrive for treatment.

Last year at NSCP we ran a competition to name the mascot and Bump came out on top. For nine years we’ve provided children with something to comfort them during their trip and this has only been possible thanks to the kind donations of the Freemasons.

This month (November) the Freemasons donated the 2500th bear to MIU to make sure children have a positive experience when they’ve been hurt or injured.

Matt Croughan, Clinical and Operational Lead for the Minor Injuries Unit said: “Since the 'Bears' began in 2006 thousands of children have left our Minor Injury Unit clutching a new cuddly teddy!

“When a child is injured, in pain and upset, that cuddly teddy really helps to instil a positive feeling in the child so that they do not develop a fear of hospitals and treatment. We often bandage Teddy or pop on a plaster in line with the child's injury which makes them feel less like the odd one out. It is really important that hospitals and departments such as ours are seen a places of positivity and a place that a child can trust.

“It makes our job as clinicians much easier when a child trusts us and allows us to examine and treat them and these fabulous Teddies have helped us out on many, many occasions.

“We are so grateful that these teddies have been donated and long may it continue. To not be able to continue providing them and not seeing the magical effect it has on the children doesn't 'bear' thinking about.”

Ian Strickland, Clevedon area co-ordinator of the Freemasons’ Teddies for Loving Care (TLC) appeal, said: “We are pleased to be able to offer such valued assistance to our local community.  The monies raised for these bears has come from Freemasons in Clevedon, Nailsea and Yatton who contribute regularly to enable this scheme to continue.

“Whilst we have given 2,500 bears to Clevedon, Freemasons in Somerset have provided the counties’ hospitals with approx. 38,000 bears and throughout the country over one million have now been supplied to MIUs & A&E Depts. It is a very worthy cause and will receive our ongoing assistance at a local and national level.”

To find out more about Clevedon Minor Injury Unit visit: https://www.nscphealth.co.uk/services/minor-injuries-unit

To find out more about the TLC charity visit: www.tlcappeal.org/


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