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We are passionate about our organisation and the communities we serve.   

Mission: Enterprising care - improving health in the community.

Vision: Healthy communities where people are cared for closer to home and supported to maintain their independence.

We developed our values with our staff and if these values correspond to your own values, we would like to hear from you. Our guiding principles are quality, respect, effectiveness, integrity and working in partnership. We continue to work to integrate these values into all of our people processes and really embed them into our everyday working.


We deliver a high standard of care.

We provide patients and those who care for others with safe and effective healthcare, at the right time and in the right place. We strive to use the latest practices and continuously improve our approach.


We are compassionate and considerate.

We really care about people. We put the needs of patients and carers first, understanding their best interests and listening closely to the views of colleagues before we make decisions.


We work as a team.

We can only provide a great service if we join forces with partners across the health, education, social services sectors and community groups, and we use the ideas of patients, carers and our employees to shape the future.


We run a lean business.

By providing quality care efficiently and effectively, we can secure our future success and do more good in the community by investing surplus income and sharing our expertise and resources.


Doing the right thing matters.

Every action we take is in the interest of improving the health of our community. If we see something we think is wrong, we have the courage to speak up and act.

We recruit and manage against our values and recommend that all applicants consider if you share our values before applying.

Our social value pledge

Together we can do more:

Promoting economic, social and environmental wellbeing, using the power of local people, community groups and businesses.

We will:

  • Provide quality services which promote healthy living and support people to improve their health, care and wellbeing
  • Join forces with local partners to maximise the impact of our work
  • Create an environment where social enterprises can prosper in North Somerset

We will achieve these by:

  • Forming meaningful relationships with communities, partners, our staff and the third sector
  • Building the trust and using the skills of local people and professionals
  • Working with partners to improve community assets
  • Making socially and environmentally responsible decisions

If you require any further information then contact our People Team on 01275 546807/8 or email: nscp.peopleteam@nhs.net