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Your Information, Terms & Conditions and Cookies Policy

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Connecting Care -

Connecting Care is the name given to a system we are using to share key parts of your health and care records for the purpose of providing a more coordinated service and improved quality of care.  Connecting Care is a partnership of NHS health and social care organisations and the providers commissioned by them to deliver services and care to the residents of Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire. For all information about arrangements for sharing your personal information, please see https://www.connectingcarebnssg.co.uk/ and contact us if you have any questions.


Connecting Care has been established in order to share important health and social care information to support the care of the wider Bristol population. Your contact with local Connecting Care NHS Partner Organisations may result in them seeking your consent to participate in a research study. Where you have consented to participate in such a study, the research team may access the information held by GPs and Hospital Trusts through Connecting Care to ensure that your participation (or those that you are responsible for) will not put you at risk of increased harm, and is suitable for the aims of the study. If you later choose to withdraw from the study, the research team will discuss the use of your information with you.  As part of the consent process, the research team will inform you of the information they would seek access to.


Data Protection

If you have a question about data protection please email us at nscp.dataprotectionofficer@nhs.net

NSCP Information Governance Policies

NSCP has produced a suite of information governance policies and procedures in our commitment to managing information in a secure manner which meets all national legislation and guidance. If you would like to request a copy of a policy or Data Protection Impact Assessment, please email scwcsu.westig-enquiries@nhs.net

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