Patient and Carer Experience
and Involvement Strategy
2018 - 2023
Rachel Gibbons
Engagement and Equalities Lead
February 2018
Version number v1.5
Patient and Carer Experience and Involvement Strategy
Together we can do more
Who are we?
Our Values
Developing the strategy
Our Vision
Our Aims
Strategy Aims
Treat people as individuals
Provide options for people to give feedback in different ways
Support patients, families and carers to be involved
Work/share with other organisations
Tell people how we used their feedback and what changed
Help people to understand NSCP
Who are we?
North Somerset Community Partnership Community Interest Company (NSCP) is an
employee-owned social enterprise. We provide NHS community health services but
are not an NHS organisation. We are free to compete for other contracts and
provide other services to the community.
We provide several community-based healthcare services, free to the people of
North Somerset. We employ 750 people who have a wide range of health and
therapeutic skills.
In October 2011 we separated from the NHS to become a social enterprise,
providing public-funded health services. As a social enterprise our goal is to offer
high-quality services as well as reinvesting profits back into the communities we
serve. This enables us to develop new services to address the needs of the
Our Values
The NSCP Strategy, which can be found on our website ( ),
outlines our vision to be the local health service provider of choice for people,
patients, partners and staff. We have three strategic aims. The determined and
focussed pursuit of these aims will help us achieve our vision.
To create a
To deliver high quality
sustainable and
care by focusing on
inclusive workforce
To ensure the long
the needs of all
which is appropriately
term sustainability of
individuals, promoting
trained and supported
our service and
self-care and
to meet the needs of
supporting people to
the people and
remain independent
communities we serve
For each of our strategic aims we have identified four goals. Each year we will set
priorities to enable goals to be achieved.
NSCP believes that it is vital that we are involving our community and our patients
and their families and carers to improve patient experience.
The Government has made it clear that patient experience is a key part of quality
healthcare services and the NHS Constitution reinforces the need for care to be
patient centred.
This Patient and Carer Experience and Involvement Strategy sets out our approach
to improving the experience for patients, carers and families, and builds on existing
work reflecting national and local guidance and best practice.
NSCP is committed to:
Delivering high quality, safe and effective care
Adopting a person centred approach which addresses health, care and
wellbeing needs
Valuing and embracing the strengths and capabilities of both individuals and
communities in order to maximise their independence
We are a values driven organisation. Our values inform our decision making,
recruitment processes and the behaviours we expect every day.
Developing the strategy
This strategy has been developed in partnership with a wide range of interested
parties in a number of forums including:
Community Forum
Staff Workshop
Staff Council
Strategy Steering Group
We drew on a number of sources of information to ensure the strategy takes account
of best practice and guidance locally and nationally. This included:
National best practice and regulatory requirements
Externally captured comments from stakeholders including HealthWatch and
North Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group
Reviewing progress against previous strategy and workplan
Our Vision
To continually improve the experience of our patients, carers and families, and to
increase the opportunities for patients, carers, families and the local community to be
involved in the development and delivery of our services.
What is patient experience?
“Patient experience is what the process of receiving care feels like for the
patient; if safe care and clinical excellence are the ‘what’ of healthcare, then
experience is the ‘how”, NHS Institute 2013.
What is patient and public Involvement?
Patient and public involvement is patients, service users, carers and the
public working collaboratively with staff to achieve outcomes at an individual,
operational or strategic level.
“Quality of care includes quality of caring. This means how personal care is -
the compassion, dignity and respect with which patients are treated. It can
only be improved by analysing and understanding patient satisfaction with
their own experiences”.
Lord Darzi
Our Aims
Working with our Community Forum, a Patient and Carer Experience Strategy
Steering Group, staff members and our Staff Council we have identified our priority
aims for this strategy.
Treat people as individuals
Provide options for people to give feedback in different ways
Support patients, families and carers to be involved
Work/share with other organisations
Tell people how we used their feedback and what changed
Help people to understand NSCP
These aims reflect the themes that were highlighted as being of most importance to
our patients, carers, families and our community as well as reflecting our
organisational values.
People told us that it was important to:
make it easy and safe to give feedback
listen to peoples’ stories as well as ask them to complete surveys
learn from positive comments
explore a persons’ whole experience, not just the part we deliver
think about people with communications issues such as poor hearing
help people to understand who NSCP are and what we do
make sure we are using simple, jargon free language
include families and carers
remember that some people use several services and may be asked for
feedback multiple times
let people know how their feedback is leading to improved services
Strategy Aims
Treat people as individuals
Our patients and service users have identified that being treated as an individual,
with dignity and respect, taking culture and lifestyles into account is important to
them and is a key way to demonstrate compassionate care.
We will ensure:
Everyone is treated as a person, not a condition
Individualised treatment and no labelling
Using language that is easy to understand
People feel informed, receive information and are given options
Provide options for people to give feedback in different ways
Everyone is different - so NSCP will ensure people can provide feedback on our
services through many different routes including:
Friends & Family survey
Directly to clinicians
To someone more independent such as a volunteer
We will ensure everyone has the opportunity to provide feedback and will increase
awareness of the opportunities to do this so that we understand our patients’
experience, views and needs so that we can respond.
Support patients, families and carers to be involved
There are a number of ways in which people might be involved or participate. We will
support these at all levels:
Individual - support and encourage patients’ involvement in decisions about
their care
Inform - providing objective information e.g. website, leaflets and press
Consult - obtaining feedback e.g. surveys, focus groups
Involve - two way communication, hearing concerns and aspirations e.g.
service users joining groups and committees within our governance structure
Partner - working in partnership/co-production in each aspect of decisions,
development of alternatives and identification of the preferred solution
Devolve - placing decision-making in the hands of the community and
individuals. e.g. Personal Health Budgets, asset based community
We will make it easy for staff and for patients, their families or carers to be as
involved in their own care and in the development of services as they wish.
Work/share with other organisations
We know that people using our services are sometimes also receiving support from
other health, social care or voluntary sector organisations. We will work closely with
our Community Forum and with other partners to put in place systems that allow us
to share information about people’s experiences and how we can make
improvements. We will share our learning about what works and collaborate to
deliver services that meet people’s expectations and wishes.
Tell people how we used their feedback and what changed
If people have taken the time to tell us their experiences or respond to our questions
or invitations to take part in focus groups, consultations or service events they are
likely to want to know what happens as result. We will make it easy for people to
see how their contributions are used to identify areas for improvement and we will
endeavour to invite them to be involved in designing and testing any changes.
Help people to understand NSCP
The patients, service users, families, carers and members of the public we spoke to
highlighted that they would like clear and simple information to understand the
services provided by NSCP and how to access them. We will work to promote this
information and engage with local community groups to build a network for sharing
and accessing this knowledge.