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About the service

Partner2Care is a healthcare organisation with a mission; to provide choice, flexibility and control to people who use our services.

We understand everyone is different and what works for one person does not necessarily work for the next. This is why our highly trained staff offer a personalised approach in everything they do.

We are part of NSCP who provide community health services in North Somerset for NHS patients. This means all staff are trained to the very highest standards and assessed regularly which means you will get the best quality of care and we don’t have to pay shareholder dividends or make a payment to owners - this means that any profit we make from your treatment is reinvested back into the community, supporting health and wellbeing.

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Who is this service for?

We offer paid for healthcare services as well as Personal Health Budgets (PHBs) and Integrated Personalised Commissioned Budget Brokerage.

The company offers  full clinical care planning support, clinical training services and a brokerage and support service to support employers of personal assistants who either employ personal assistants as a self - funder or are in receipt of a Personal Health Budget or Integrated Personalised Commissioned Budget.

PHBs and Integrated Personalised Commissioned Budgets are new innovations, allowing patients a wider choice as to how, when and by who their care will be provided. We offer support with brokerage, training, managed funding and identifying suppliers of healthcare; all vital services which allow people to make choices which suit them and their carers. 

If you want the highest quality of care and at the same time want your money to support others, please contact us. 


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Contact us

Marina Healthcare Centre 2 Haven View Portishead North Somerset BS20 7QA

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