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Community Nutrition Support Dietitians

Working with our partners to make sure your nutritional needs are met.

Community Nutrition Support Dietitians

About the service

Nutrition and hydration is fundamental to health. However, there are times when we are unwell and as a result are unable to eat and drink according to our health needs.

For most people this may only last a matter of days after which they return to their normal diet. However, for some people this may be a long period of under-eating due to a health condition. This prolonged period of under nutrition can lead to malnutrition which is a medical term used to describe the following: 

  • Low weight/low body mass index
  • Significant weight loss 
  • Combination of low weight and significant weight loss.

The consequences of malnutrition include increased vulnerability of infection, delayed wound healing, impaired function of the heart and lungs and many more.

If you, or somebody you care for, have suffered with significant (5% or more) weight loss in the last 3-6 months without trying to lose weight, we recommend you ask your GP for advice. In some cases it may also be appropriate for your GP to consider referring you to dietitians for further advice.

If you are unable to attend an outpatient clinic as you are housebound, your GP will refer you to community dietitians. Community dietitians, on receiving this referral, will arrange to see you in your own residence at your convenience.

After discussions with you, we will devise and document an appropriate nutritional plan. This plan may include the use of food/fluid fortification, increased dietary intake, and change in pattern or type of food and fluid, as well as the use of oral nutrition supplements as appropriate.

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Who is this service for?

Adults aged over 18 who are housebound and/or where concerns regarding their nutritional status have been identified following the completion of the Malnutrition Universal Screening Tool (MUST).

If you are a healthcare professional and wish to refer a patient to the Nutrition Service, please refer to our information for professionals.

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Contact us

North Somerset Community Partnership Castlewood PO Box 237 Tickenham Road Clevedon North Somerset BS21 9AX

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