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New Referrals

New Referrals

Single Point of Access (SPA)

The Single Point of Access (SPA) team is made up of Care Connect advisors, the Professional Assessment Team (PAT) and other health and social care professionals. The Care Connect advisors can:

  • Signpost patients to an appropriate service 
  • Help with your query 
  • Refer queries to the Professional Assessment Team. 

The Professional Assessment Team is made up of health and social care professionals who are able to advise and direct referrals to North Somerset community services for adults.

Patients should be referred to the Single Point of Access (SPA) team if they're not already known to one of our community teams.

Contact us

Call: 01275 888801 (Care Connect)
Email: care.connect@n-somerset.gcsx.gov.uk
Opening hours: Monday - Friday, 8am - 6pm.

Community Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy

If you are a healthcare professional and need to refer a patient to our Occupational Therapy or Physiotherapy services, please complete the community referral form and:

Fax to: 01934 426422 or 
Email: pat.nscp@nhs.net

Joint Clinic Booking (JCB) Guidance

The Joint Clinic Booking (JCB) service deals with first clinic appointments for the following specialist services within North Somerset. If you wish to refer a patient, please select the relevant service below and complete the referral form.

Please read these notes before completing a referral form for the JCB service. If you are unsure if your referral meets the criteria, please review the relevant service page under Our Services Completed forms should be sent to: nscpjcb@nhs.net -this is only for the services listed above after Joint Clinic Booking and not all services on this page.

Clinical Pharmacist

If you wish to refer a patient to our Clinical Pharmacist, please review the referral criteria and, if the patient meets the criteria, complete the referral form.

Community Neuro Service

If you wish to refer a patient to the Community Neuro Service, please complete the relevant referral form:

Falls Prevention

If you need to refer a patient to our Falls Prevention Service, please complete the referral form.

Home Oxygen Service

If you need to refer a patient to our Home Oxygen Service, please complete the referral form.

The Musculoskeletal Interface Service

This service deals with musculoskeletal referrals that may require decision-making in order to establish the best course treatment from a range of options including steroid injection therapy, investigations such as MRI or ultrasound scanning, or referral to a surgeon.

We review each referral and decide the appropriate service it requires. Some referrals are accepted for assessment within the service; others may be referred directly to an orthopaedic surgeon.

Referral Criteria

This service provides triage and intervention for musculoskeletal conditions with the following criteria for patients who are referred for orthopaedic assessment:

  • Diagnosis is uncertain
  • Orthopaedic surgical referral may be required
  • They have not responded to physiotherapy/podiatry
  • Advice is needed regarding diagnosis, treatment options and prognosis
  • A possible MRI or other specialist investigation is needed
  • A specialist steroid injection may be required
  • They require access to biomechanical podiatry
  • They can travel to an outpatient department.

You can refer electronically to this service via the orthopaedic pathway on e-Referral. Referrals are also directed from the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service and other health care professionals.

Please contact us for further details: 01275 341937.

Please note any queries relating to a new patient appointment should be directed to the Joint Clinic Booking Service on 01275 546600. Any other queries should be directed to the MSK Service directly.

'No Worries!' Confidential Teenage Health Service

If you wish to refer a patient to our 'No Worries!' Confidential Teenage Health Service, please complete the referral form.

Specialist Older People's Team (SOPT) Referrals

If you are a GP or Clinical Lead and wish to refer a patient to our Specialist Older People's Team, please complete the referral form and email to: nscp.sopt@nhs.net You can view the Edmonton Frail Scale to support your referral.

Essential criteria: Patients must be registered with a North Somerset GP Practice and be aged 75 years or older OR be aged between 65 - 75 years with any of the following:

  • 2 or more co-morbidities
  • In a nursing/residential home or community hospital
  • With Edmonton Frailty score of moderate and above (10 and above)
  • On GPs high risk admission list

Clinical advice is also offered to support clinicians to manage patients in the community without a specialist appointment. Queries are taken via the Clinical Hub (01275 888400) and the team will respond either the same day or the next. Please note this is not an urgent or emergency service.