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Supporting patients who need to stay in hospital.


About the service

North Somerset Community Hospital opened its doors in 1874 and provides inpatient care, outpatients clinics and a Minor Injury Unit. The hospital looks and feels quite different to a large modern city hospital and in the past has been used for respite and convalescence. We now focus on delivering proactive rehabilitation services to aid discharge and prevent hospital admission.

Community Treatment Centre (CTC)

What is the CTC?

The Community Treatment Centre (CTC) offers a variety of day case treatments (meaning you won't have to stay overnight) which can be accessed by referral from your GP or other practitioner.

Treatments include blood transfusion, venesection (‘blood letting’), intravenous drug administration (especially antibiotics), and care and treatment of mild to moderate cellulitis (including any related wound/leg ulcer care).

The CTC has its own separate external entrance at the rear of the building. The CTC has three comfortable reclining chairs where patients can watch TV if they wish to whilst receiving treatment. 

Patients can wear their own clothes and all treatments are on a day case basis.  Due to the nature of treatments and limited space, patients are requested to bring in minimal personal items, but a book and/or device with headphones to listen to music may be appropriate.

Who is the CTC for?

The CTC is for adults of all ages. Patients either need to be independently mobile or mobile with minimal assistance, e.g. a walking aid or with the help of one person.

How do I access the CTC?

The CTC is run on an appointment basis. We accept referrals from GPs and other healthcare practitioners.

What are the CTC opening hours and where is it located?

The CTC is located in the main inpatient building adjacent to Lister Ward.  It is open 8am - 8pm, 365 days a year.

Visiting Hours

You can visit friends and family from 2pm - 5pm and 6.30pm - 8pm. For further information call 01275 546864.

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Contact us

North Somerset Community Hospital Old Street Clevedon North Somerset BS21 6BS
  • 01275 546864
  • Opening hours: Visiting times: 2pm - 5pm and 6.30pm - 8pm

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