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Community Outreach

Support for homeless patients with a background of substance and/or alcohol misuse.

Community Outreach

About the service

The Community Outreach service is a group of nurses who provide:

  • General health advice
  • Dietary advice
  • Minor injury care
  • Advice on safer sex/drug use
  • Drugs/alcohol advice
  • Help registering with a GP and other health services in North Somerset.
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Who is this service for?

For homeless patients with a background of substance and/or alcohol misuse, including those living in temporary accommodation such as bed and breakfasts, hostels and hotels.

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Contact us

Castlewood Tickenham Road Clevedon North Somerset BS21 9AX

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Case studies

Edward's story

Edward came to our attention in 2014. He'd been sleeping rough for eight months and was a heavy drinker with complex health problems. We were unable to find him somewhere to stay because of his reputation, however we made sure he had warm clothes, a sleeping bag and that he regularly saw a GP. 

Edward continued sleeping rough and developed a chest infection. He did not take the antibiotics he was prescribed and shortly after found himself in intensive care suffering with pneumonia. 

We visited the hospital to check that Edward had been detoxed appropriately and fortunately his condition quickly improved. We worked with the hospital's discharge team to make sure he was going to a safe location when he left hospital.

Edward was placed in a residential home for a week while he continued to take his antibiotics and complete his detox. We visited him on a daily basis and worked with staff at the home to assess his condition.

Edward received a glowing reference from the home and we were able to refer him to the YMCA who arranged an emergency bed and breakfast placement. He continued to attend all appointments with the council and support workers. During this time, we visited Edward to monitor his health.

After six weeks in the bed and breakfast, Edward was considered for a placement by a housing support organisation and moved into a property in March 2015. He received support to have a normal function of daily living.

Edward has now moved into his own flat, has a daily routine, takes his medication as prescribed and has reduced his alcohol intake.

Chris' story

We met Chris outside 'Somewhere to Go'; a support centre in Weston-super-Mare for rough sleepers and disadvantaged, vulnerable adults. He wanted to go inside but was feeling apprehensive.

We spoke to Chris who told us he'd been sleeping rough for around three weeks. He had mild learning disabilities and was unable to read and write well. At 'Somewhere to Go', Chris was given dry clothes, a sleeping bag, hot food and a bag of food for the next day.

We referred him to the Alliance Homes Floating Support Service and the YMCA for housing advice. Chris was supported in attending an interview for a local supported housing group where they agreed to find accommodation for him. 

We helped Chris complete the forms required to register with a GP and helped him apply for ID; tasks he found difficult.

He's now living in shared accommodation with low level support and has made friends. He's starting to think about employment.

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