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Community Nutrition Support Dietitians

Looking after the dietetic needs of housebound and institutionalised adult patients

Community Nutrition Support Dietitians

About the service

The Community Nutrition Support Dietitians look after the dietetic needs of housebound or institutionalised adult patients. 

The team aim to ensure all individuals are able to receive adequate and appropriate nutrition and dietetic advice as a fundamental part of their health care to aid healing and recovery and reduce their risk of readmission, falls, and pressure ulcers.


Self-referrals will not be accepted.

Referrals will be accepted from GPs and health and social care professionals within North Somerset for housebound individuals, including those living in care homes, who meet the criteria below.

How to refer

If you are a healthcare professional and wish to refer a patient to the Community Nutrition Support Team, please review the referral criteria below and:

  • If you are making an internal referral please complete and upload the referral form to EMIS and email NSCP.Dietitians@nhs.net including the patient's NHS or EMIS number.
  • If you are making a referral from an external organisation, please complete the referral form and email it to the above address.
  • If you are a GP, please use EMIS to make your referral.
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Who is this service for?

Referral Criteria

Domiciliary Referrals

Condition - Referrals will be accepted if one of the following criteria is met:


  • MUST of > 3/6
  • MUST score of 2/6 without improvement following:

- 2 - 4 week* implementation of food first advice

- AND 2 - 4 week* trial of first line oral nutritional supplements

* these may occur concurrently

Skin Integrity

  • Presence of a grade 3 - 4 pressure sore with delayed wound healing.

















Residential / Nursing Home Referrals

Condition - Referral Pathway


Initial referrals for residents with a MUST score of > 2/6:

  • A personalised Nutrition Care Plan pack will be sent to be followed for at least two months

Repeat referrals for residents with a MUST score of > 2/6 without improvement following completion and submission of Nutrition Care Plan for at least two months:

  • Face to face assessment by dietitian.

Skin Integrity

Presence of a grade 3 - 4 pressure sore with delayed wound healing:

  • Face to face assessment by dietitian.


Referrals will be accepted for initial face to face assessment in the following circumstances:

  • An individual or 'whole home' safeguarding concern is identified
  • Individuals with a diagnosis of dysphagia
  • Patients with stage 4 and 5 chronic kidney disease
  • Individuals with BMI ≤16.

Exclusion Criteria: 

  • Individuals under 18 years of age
  • Individuals not registered with a North Somerset GP
  • Individuals with an oncology or neurology diagnosis requiring nutrition support as a result of that diagnosis who live independently. (Please refer to the Macmillan and Neurology Dietetic Services at Weston General Hospital respectively).
  • Patients enterally fed in the community. (Please refer to Home Management Services at Bristol Royal Infirmary)
  • Individuals who are not housebound or not living in care setting.
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