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Clinical Pharmacist

Supporting patients to take their medicines safely and effectively

Clinical Pharmacist

About the service

The role of the Clinical Pharmacist is to support patients in taking their medicines safely and effectively. The aim of the service is to improve patient outcomes by optimising medicines use.


The Pharmacist is also available to healthcare professionals for advice on specific patient medication issues, particularly for complex patients.

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Who is this service for?

If you are a healthcare professional and wish to refer a patient to our Clinical Pharmacist, please review the referral criteria below and if the patient meets the criteria, complete the referral form.

Referral Criteria

The pharmacist will consider referrals from all healthcare professionals for all adults registered with a North Somerset GP who are having difficulties in managing their medicines. Patients who might be suitable for referral to the pharmacist are:

  • Housebound patients or patients with restricted mobility
  • Patients who are confused about their medication e.g. if medication has been changed during a hospital admission
  • Patients who are having difficulty taking their medicine e.g. forgetting to take their medication or taking it incorrectly, or people who are unable to read labels or open the containers
  • Patients who are possibly receiving unnecessary medication e.g. taking regular analgesia when there is no regular pain
  • Patients with adherence issues with high risk medicines e.g. methotrexate, warfarin
  • Patients at risk of falling or have a history of falls where this might be related to their medicines

Patients can also be referred with any other problems which may affect the their ability to take their medicines as intended e.g. side effects.

The pharmacist will undertake an assessment of the patient and agree resolutions to the medication problems highlighted in conjunction with other healthcare professionals involved in their care.

The Clinical Pharmacist can provide support with:

  • Assessing medication adherence issues
  • Providing medication prompting electronic devices
  • Assessing patients who appear to be under or over using their medication
  • Conducting clinical medication review
  • Rationalising or optimising medications
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Contact us

Castlewood, PO Box 237, Tickenham Road, Clevedon, North Somerset, BS21 6FW

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