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Children's Continence Service

Children's Continence Service

About the service

Our team of Specialist Nurses are trained and experienced in assessing bladder and bowel problems in children. Your child can be referred into the service by your GP, Paediatrician, Health Visitor, School Nurse or other Specialist Nurse.

The types of issues your child may be referred for include:

  • Delayed toilet training
  • Day time wetting
  • Constipation/soiling
  • Night time wetting

Once a referral has been accepted by the service you will be required to provide information (e.g. bladder and bowel diaries) which will become part of the initial assessment.


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Who is this service for?

Children aged:

  • From 4 years old with delayed toileting
  • From 4 years old with constipation/soiling
  • From 4 years old with day time wetting
  • From 5 years old with night time wetting


If you are a healthcare professional and need to refer a child to the Children’s Continence Service please complete the referral form below:

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Contact us

Badger House Oldmixon Crescent Weston-Super-Mare North Somerset BS24 9AY

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Case studies




Steve, age nine, primary nocturnal enuresis (the most common form of bedwetting)

Steve had never been dry at night and suffered with both needing the toilet urgently during the day and slight constipation. When Steve came to our clinic, initial tests showed he wasn't drinking enough. By gradually increasing his fluid intake, Steve's need to go to the toilet began to improve. We also prescribed some short-term medication (oxybutynin hydrochloride) which helped increase his bladder capacity and we gave him an alarm that he used at night to alert him to when he had an accident. Steve soon became dry at night. Steve and his family were delighted. His mum said: "Thank you - you have put a great big smile on my boy's face!"


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