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Transforming our Single Point of Access

Transforming our Single Point of Access

Our Transformation Programme is made up of several projects looking at how we can improve efficiency and ultimately improve the care we give to our patients.

One of the projects which has recently been completed is the successful integration of our Single Point of Access (SPA) service which has seen benefits to the public, GPs and our stakeholders. This project involved merging the points of contact for our Community Nursing Teams, Community Rapid Response Service and Admission Prevent Team to form an NSCP Single Point of Access (known as SPA).

We have recruited additional clinical (nursing and paramedic) staff and call handlers to ensure referrals are responded to as quickly as possible and triaged with the right expertise. This has also provided some resilience in the team and across the wider teams where we have been able to release staff to support with our clinical services.

We have also maximised the use of EMIS, our electronic patient record system, developing templates to guide our clinical staff through triage and ensure the information inputted is reportable.

In August 2018 our SPA opening hours were extended from 9-5pm Monday to Friday to 8am – 10pm, 7 days a week resulting in a more accessible service to our patients and professionals. (Clinical triage is available until 8pm.) We also brought call handling in-house to enable professionals to have direct access to a clinician and moved the service to more appropriate accommodation, closely aligned to its supporting teams.

You can read more about our SPA here

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