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Health Visiting Service Restructure

Health Visiting Service Restructure

The Health Visiting Service, which is part of North Somerset Community Partnership (NSCP), has been consolidated into three teams.

The 3 larger teams will have increased resilience and efficiency. For parents and children there will be more opportunities within this restructure to attend developmental appointments for their child. The biggest change being some of the Health Visitors will be working out of different offices than before and their contact details will therefore change.

NSCP Health Visitors continue to provide a Public Health Nursing Service starting in pregnancy and continuing through early childhood. Working alongside each family, health visitors will assess, identify and address health needs. This includes advising and supporting parents oninfant feeding and healthy eating, immunisations, post-natal depression, child development and parenting. Health Visitors working with the family and in partnership with other agencies can provide additional support and health interventions where this is required.

NSCP’s Health Visitors, who are all Registered Nurses, and the Community Nursery Nurses, will offer parents and children appointments at the following stages of development:

  • Antenatal Appointment after 28 weeks
  • New Birth Visit by 14 days
  • Six – Eight week Review
  • One Year Review
  • Two to two and a half year review

We would encourage all parents to take the opportunity to meet with their Health Visitor as they provide support to give children the best possible start in life.

Kyle Lansdown, Divisional Lead of Child Services, said: “We are proud to announce the merging of these teams which will ensure the quality of care for all parents and children and provide a service with greater resilience.”

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