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School flu invitation letter

School flu invitation letter

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Dear Parent/Carer

Your child’s annual flu vaccination is now due. This vaccination programme is taking place in schools to help protect your child against flu. Flu can be an unpleasant illness and sometimes causes serious complications such as middle ear infections and bronchitis.  Vaccinating your child will also help protect more vulnerable friends and family by preventing the spread of flu.  Children spread flu because they generally don't use tissues properly or wash their hands.  By vaccinating children, it also protects others that are vulnerable to flu, such as babies, older people, pregnant women and people with serious long-term illnesses.  Receiving the flu vaccine has historically reduced sickness levels in schools and workplaces.

A leaflet providing more information on the flu vaccine is enclosed with this letter.    You can also find more information at www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine.

You will have received a letter and consent form for each of your children eligible for this vaccination. Please complete the enclosed consent form for each child and return to the school as soon as possible to ensure your child receives their vaccination. Please complete all boxes and print your name clearly as well as signing the form as this helps us with identification. It is essential that you ensure the name of the school is clearly written on the consent form where requested.   Please return the consent form to us by using the original envelope that contained this letter and the consent form and handing it  back to your school office.   Please note that written consent must be on the official form provided.

If you decide you do not want to vaccinate your child against flu, please return the consent form giving the reason. This will help us plan and improve the service.  However last year most children offered the vaccine in schools did have the immunisation.

The vaccination is free and recommended for young children, and will be given by a quick and simple spray up the nose. 

The vaccine contains a very small amount of egg protein; however studies have shown that is it unlikely that the vaccine will lead to a severe allergic reaction in any child who has an egg allergy.  The vaccine also contains product derived from pigs (porcine gelatine), some faith groups accept its use in medical products - the decision is, of course, up to you. If you would like to discuss this further, please contact us on nscp.sch-imms@nhs.net or 01275 373104.   More information can be found at www.nhs.uk/conditions/vaccinations/child-flu-vaccine-questions-and-answers

You will already have received a ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ document earlier in the year which you may find helpful.  This is also available at www.nscphealth.co.uk/services/school-age-flu-vaccination

The enclosed leaflet provides more information and includes details about the small number of children for whom the nasal vaccine is not appropriate. 

If your child receives their flu vaccination from your GP before our team visits your child’s school, please let us know using the contact details at the top of this letter.

If your child becomes wheezy or has their asthma medication increased after you return this form, please contact the Immunisation Coordination Team on nscp.sch-imms@nhs.net or 01275 373104.  You can also use these contact details if you have any queries.

Yours faithfully


Fiona Owens

Assistant Lead (Health) & School Nursing Manager

For further information see: www.nhs.uk/child-flu

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